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Coaching is a series of conversations where the coach assists the client with professional and/or personal issues related to their job which may be inhibiting their performance and effectiveness. The benefits of coaching are improved performance and greater confidence.

Effective coaching is when (a) the coach fully understands the environment and issues which the client wants to discuss, (b) the client understands that the only interest the coach has is in helping the client and (c) the client understands that the conversations are totally confidential and a safe place to discuss issues, problems and feelings which would be inappropriate or imprudent to discuss anywhere else.


I prefer to meet in person and in a location permitting quiet conversation and where the client feels comfortable given the content of the conversation. If time, circumstances and/or location require, coaching by telephone is possible and can be almost as effective. I also encourage clients to contact me by email or phone if and when circumstances require prior to the next scheduled conversation.

The objectives, scope, schedule and duration of our working together will be discussed and agreed upon before the coaching begins, all subject to updating if and as needed.

I also like to stay in touch with those I’ve worked with after the formal coaching has been concluded.

I have been meeting with Ron for almost two years for executive coaching. What began as an assignment for me to improve my leadership skills as part of the Leadership Development Program of the Community Foundation has developed into much more. … Each meeting since allow me to verbalize my questions, worries, fears, successes, doubts and puzzles. Ron has the gift of being able to listen with a depth that surpasses any that I have known. With precise questions Ron helps me drill down to the core of a challenge and plan a strategy to approach the solution.
— Elizabeth Olney, Former Director of Parents Place


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