How Ron Can Help

For those interested in assistance for their nonprofits or themselves, there are three options:

1 Workshops
2 Consultancies
3 Executive Coaching

The content of each workshop and consultation will be developed in concert with each client to ensure that the interests and needs of each are addressed.


The purpose of workshops is to help participants better understand particular topics through presentations and Q & A. Workshops are either a single or series of presentations to a group from one organization or a group of those in similar positions from multiple organizations. In order to ensure maximum value, those responsible for the workshop and/or who will be participating will determine the specific topics or issues to be addressed prior to the event.


Consultancies are a continuous dialogue, a partnership with each client. Their purpose is to enhance the effectiveness of one or more functions (e.g. board development or fundraising) in ways that are sensitive to the client’s particular needs and circumstances. They are a blend of understanding concepts and putting ideas into practice in ways that will be of most benefit to the organization.

Executive Coaching

The purpose of executive coaching is to help those in key leadership positions become more effective and confident in their roles. It involves a series of confidential conversations between the client and the coach where the coach’s only purpose is to help the leader. Helping usually involves a blend of active listening, asking questions to stimulate thinking from different perspectives, offering options or ideas and gentle guidance.

Fees for Assistance

My fees are based on the each client’s type of assistance, the particular needs and circumstances of the client and the client’s ability and willingness to commit time, effort and funds to the project. Fees may be hourly-based or project-based. They are of course agreed upon in advance of work starting as is a payment schedule. I also contribute some time to each project.

I accept PayPal.

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Let’s Start a Conversation

For more information or to discuss how best to meet your needs, please contact Ron at [email protected].