Informed and Effective Fundraising

What fundraising is and how to do it are topics plagued more by myth than reality and by more misunderstanding than knowledge.

At best they are viewed as necessary evils, which attract little interest and frequently ineffective effort. Lack of understanding and effective efforts are the primary reasons why so many nonprofits are unable to raise the funds they need.

A nonprofit that takes the time and makes the effort to understand what fundraising is and how to do it effectively gives itself the opportunity and the capability to be more successful in raising needed funds. The scope of assistance will depend upon the particular combination of topics selected by each client from among the following:

  • The five fundamental truths about fundraising
  • Who is responsible for fundraising
  • The two types fundraising with different goals and techniques to meet different objectives
  • The role of the board in fundraising
  • The role of trustees in fundraising, including a personal financial contribution
  • The board’s oversights responsibilities for fundraising, including management’s role in support of the board
  • Determining the amount of funds needed and how they will be used
  • Identifying where the money will come from
  • Developing a fundraising plan
  • The different types of fundraising
  • Fundraising campaigns and when and how to conduct them
  • Determining the best blend of fundraising among the different types and perhaps a campaign
  • The importance of identifying high value prospects for making a gift and the purpose and process for prospect cultivation
  • The solicitation of prospects and how to do it effectively
  • The overriding importance and role of developing and maintaining relevant information about potential sources, prospects and donors.
  • The infrastructure needed to support effective fundraising
  • What a mature fundraising program looks like and how to build one

There may be other topics, issues, problems or question unique to each nonprofit that should be included in the scope of the assistance.

With his wealth of experience and enthusiasm for successful outcomes, Ron provided expert guidance at a critical time in our organization’s fund development process.  His keen insight and hands-on involvement provided the key elements that allowed us to make informed strategic decisions and move forward more effectively.
— Sharen Carey, Executive Director, Big Sur Health Center


Ron offers workshops, consultancies, and coaching on informed and effective fundraising.

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